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Managing my time is always a challenge. I have many things I like to do in the course of a day. Both for my own joy and for my clients. This year I am dedicating myself to the creative process. To fully understanding all parts

of it@DeniseMarsaProd_LA_2015 and my own part in bringing what I believe into the world at large. Here’s to 2016!

2015 in review

Hi all!

It was a great year-and so busy so less blogging on this page then anticipated! here’s a link to see what we’ve been up to: 


The Music Mentor TV First Post of 2015 – Master Sync Licenses & Performances

2015 3

Great news we have licensed two tracks for projects. NOW 2 (2) for Dr Kela Henry’s video (NOW is from RACHEL MILLMAN’s CD NOW) and a christopher dallman 3 Christopher Dallman track HAS BEEN will have a feature in a movie (TBA).

I performed a few times at the end of the year, one with David Henry Aaron’s band Chansons D'Etobicoke at Sidewalk Cafe in NYC and one time with Spencer Katzman Denise Marsa & Spencer Katzman Springfield Public Library Concert at the Springfield Library here are a few videos to watch

That’s all for now…more soon! xo Denise


I recently updated my music website I included information about my work setting up non-profits which alone takes so much hard work and time. I had just starting running keymedia public relations aka and just did not have enough time in the day to do it all! My non-profit idea took the back burner. Here is some info about it:

SongReach came out of WO30 Records. Both were started as non-profits. The concept for WO30 Records (Est 2006) was helping mature women to fit into and find a way to survive and even thrive in the music industry. The music industry focuses on young women and teens and can leave successful women artists struggling with their own aging process. A 25 year old and extremely talented singer said to me, “I am getting too old to make it in the music buisness.” Why is the age of female pop/rock recording artists so attached to their initial success and to their contribution and relevance overall?

positive vibrations

​ Send your thoughts:

and here’s a tune form my album LIVE FOREVER that speaks about doing your best and looking at all we all go through on any given day. and about going for a drive… 

OMG! It’s Been Way Too Long Since My Last Blog Post!! South African Flutist Wouter Kellerman

PartyNYC!Kellerman,Pillay, Sharma & Marsa

So there are many new and exciting updates however I will start tonight’s blog with a photo of me and Wouter Kellerman, his manager Tholsi Pillay and my associate and friend Sangeeta Sharma. I was hired to help bring visibility to Wouter’s concert with Vincent Lyn at Carnegie Hall on October 4, just last month. They hired me 3 weeks before the concert as ticket sales needed a boost and I handled what I call KeyMedia Pubic Relations’s sprint campaign. That’s a last minute campaign to help create attention and even improve sales. I was crazy busy and wrote a press release which they really liked. I distributed it and I promoted as much as possible. We all worked very hard. I also did a bit of press around Wouter’s concert at The Grammy Museum with David Longoria. The Carnegie Hall concert sold-out with people waiting in line so we all were very pleased. and the concert was AMAZINIG!!! Sangeeta Sharma wrote a bit about the experience and here is her review. More from me in a bit!
WouterKellerman_Luke Van Der Merwe,  Phresh Makhene, David Klassen, Della Tamin

Wouter Kellerman Carnegie Hall, Weill Recital Hall, Saturday October 4, 2014
Review and Experience by Sangeeta Sharma

Saturday Oct 4th, I’m curled up in bed in my pajamas, prepped for a night of journaling and lyrical wanderings, when I get a call from a friend (Denise Marsa) inviting me out to Carnegie Hall.

World renowned flutist, Wouter Kellerman is in town having flown in just this week from South Africa. “Wouter who?” I say. She says I “MUST” hear him.

Ugh! Dilemma: It’s been a long week. I’ve been on the road. My brain hurts. I’m knackered. Should I sacrifice “me” time for a blind musical date?

I have a million reasons not to go but ultimately, they all sound lame. So off I go.

I arrive just a little after the show starts and am greeted by the most moving African voice. I can only describe it as the sound of the heart. It calls out with yearning for a response and quite simply, touches my soul.

Ok. Now I’m awake. I notice a small table on the stage covered with silver instruments. I’m curious to see how many Wouter will play. (Seriously, they are just sitting there teasing me). There are also some painted wellies (Galoches).

As the evening progresses, Wouter takes us all on a musical journey that is truly inspirational. A piece that chronicles the life of Nelson Mandela really takes my breath away. This is Wouter’s interpretation of how Mandela’s life may have sounded as a boy tending sheep, as a man fighting for freedom and finally as the beloved leader of a nation, free from the injustice of apartheid.

I feel deeply moved. Though I haven’t visited yet, I hear South Africa is an amazing place. I’m feeling glad to have at least experienced a sense of her sound.

I’m shocked to hear later that evening how a violent home invasion cost the life of Wouters’ father in 2013. It’s a reminder of a sad reality of life in South Africa today but more than that, a testament to an incredible musician who has chosen to share a peaceful beauty with our world through his music.

I wonder how many days must he have wanted to spend, hiding from the world? It’s a question many of us artists face after all. How do we take our suffering, our darkest moments and create something meaningful? Create anything?

I’m already blown away by Wouter’s music at this point, but this new information gives me a whole new perspective. Wouter’s choice is filled with light and joy and soul and of that I am in awe.

You “MUST’ hear him too.

Sangeeta Sharma (a.k.a. Samsera) is a Singer/Songwriter, Music, Technology & Adventure blogger based in NYC. @Samsera,

Cool, yes? Till next time TMM! aka DM

Music Makes Great Company

As I went to pick up milk for my coffee this very early NYC morning I walked as runners ran by with ear plugs in. Lots of young women running the streets in the West Village. At least a half dozen pranced by and it was very cool to see the athletes starting their day. and they all had music to keep them company.

and that’s when I started thinking about all the people in this world that can’t live without music. Especially people over a certain age that remember when music was their main stage entertainment as a young person. Before TV, it was the radio. People sat around the radio to just listen to music. Music is a great companion, in life, work and especially at home if you are on your own. It gives you a sense of belonging, no matter what the genre. Pop, rock, classical, opera, new age, jazz, whatever you relate to, it is really good company. Who will be your company today? and be sure you tip the player. I worry about all the musicians and composers not earning any money for their music. Will talented artists eventually just stop and there will be no new music or musicians because it is all being streamed and downloaded without real compensation? Or will the deep rooted lovers of music write on, sing on and know, that they are creating great company.

Rachel Millman Sings With Her Vocal Hero Idina Menzel

Music Mentor TV star form episode 2 gets a chance to sing with one of her all time favorite inspirational singers!! Make Your Dreams Your Intentions! They study with the same vocal coach. When I first started working with Rachel I introduced her to a vocal coach I had met in London, Ms Travers. Ms Travers has been teaching Idina for years and Rachel has been studying with Ms Travers since 2009 when we first started recording. And Rachel and Idina were bound to meet, one day in NYC and they did!! Check out the video.

Someone New is Always Listening & How an Older Song Can Have More Meaning Later

The glass is half empty or half full? You change the way you look at things and the things you look at change. How many times have I heard from artists…”I don’t want to perform the old CD, I have all this new material.” I said it myself…I was always looking at the new song. Ricky Nelson, 50’s heartthrob wrote a song about it “Garden Party” as he got booed off stage at Madison Square Garden one year at a reunion tour. He played new stuff, they audience wanted his hits, his standards. I have always loved the lyric in this song “You can’t please everyone so you got to please yourself.” Great sentiment. If you are lucky enough to have standards among fans that can fill a sports arena…perform them! and the new ones 2!! The audience deserves to hear the songs that they made famous with you!

Here’s a new way to look at it. Bring the song into your now. Relate it to what you are doing today. and no doubt – if you forget who you wrote it about and how that “love of your life” became a nightmare or an accident or what were you thinking…turn it into a song about someone in your life now. and give the song its own identity and let it live in whomever you deem your Romeo or Juliet. and if it’s not a love song and you are singing about how badly you got burned by a band member or a car accident you witnessed…remember every time you perform, most likely someone new is listening. So it could be about whatever you want it to be about, as long as you connect with the song…in a way that helps the audience connect with you!

Moving Dreams Forward…updated website:

The Art of Mentoring. The Art of Giving and Receiving.

We are all more aware of the importance of a true mentor these days. Or at least it seems that way from where I sit. This post is about mentoring in whatever field you are in. My passion is music and the arts. Passing on my knowledge and support and in some ways…being a cheerleader with experience to back it up. Someone who does or did what you want to do successfully and they take you under their wing and help you navigate your own path. I watched George Wein come on stage and play with Anat Cohen. She introduced him and many years ago- he introduced her to the world at his Newport Jazz Festival.

A few weeks ago I connected with At the Helm, Women in Biz, Los Angeles based connecting and networking based organization, led by Alaia Williams. KeyMedia Group/PR is a media partner. We are working together to bring more visibility to their event in Los Angeles. They have put together ( and still putting together) panels of empowered women to help motivate and stimulate women in business – start-ups and otherwise. This is so cool and there is a MOVEMENT! To give and to receive. To help support and to be supported. Very simple. a great rule of thumb in business, in life. In society. This is truly This Woman’s Work. Sung by Kate and Mawell. Watch both if you have the time. Both heart warming versions.

We are ALL In this Together. Everyone of us matters, everyone of us counts.

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